Kawaii Stuff To Buy (17+ Cheap Cute Japanese Things On Amazon)

Adore Japanese culture? Here are some very cute kawaii things & merchandise that’ll literally make your heart burst. In a good way. They will illuminate your dark mood and make it a little less creepy at night.

Kawaii Gifts

If you are looking for super cute & kawaii gift ideas for soothing your loved ones, check out these particular guides.

Kawaii Plushies

In most instances, adults sleep with childhood plushies or stuffed animals because it brings them a sense of security and reduces negative feelings, such as loneliness and anxiety. Cute and soft plushies help to provide calmness and a sense of not being alone for kids, pets, and adults. They are a good choice to help you or your friends to cure the trauma or relieve stress. Perfect gift for pandemic!

Cute Travel Accessories

Pandemic is coming to an end means a lot of traveling for some of us, so I thought I would share with you my cute travel essentials. These are specific products I always make sure I have with me. I will be sharing specific products as well as why I keep them with me at all times no matter where I am going. Feel free to leave your travel beauty essentials in the comments.

Cute Kawaii Planner

At the end of every year, I will be on the hunt for the perfect cute & kawaii planner. I must have searched through dozens of options online searching for the planner that would fit all of my requirements for planning paradise. A few of my must-haves were a very cute design, a calendar for each month, and full pages for each day. Bonus I want to include are stickers and extra pages of lines/grids/dots.

Kawaii Anime Stuff

Figuratively speaking the language of cute: If you’re a fan of collectible figures then you will adore these!

I’ll be honest; I don’t know much about figures. I want to learn though so I thought I would start with these adorable little nendoroid figures based on Death Note characters. It took a little research but I found out that nendoroid is a brand of small plastic figures by the Japanese Good Smile Company. Also, “Nendo” is Japanese for clay or plasticine.

Nendoroid figures are replicas of either anime or manga characters and are collector’s items.

Typically the Nendoroid figures are done in a style called chibi (which is Japanese for a short person or small child). This basically means that they took a normal-looking anime or manga character and made them look little and childlike… a.k.a. adorable!

These figures are available on Amazon for what I would consider a hefty sum (which is why I don’t collect them) but I know that there are plenty of you out there willing to pay any price for your collectibles, so I wanted to make certain you could find what I posted in case you fall in love.

Here is a link to the Good Smile Company’s English version website (although there is still a lot of Japanese on the page, it has plenty of English too).

I hope all of you bear with me as I learn more about the world of collectible figures and become a more knowledgeable source for you. If you have more information that might help me along the way, please leave it in a comment. Also, don’t forget to leave comments on the incredibly adorable Death Note figures in this article!

Kawaii Things From Japan To Buy

It’s Pajama Time… Kigurumi Style!

Ever wanted to wear your PJ’s out in public and feel like a kid again? Well here’s your chance to do it in style!


Kigurumi pajamas (also known simply as ‘disguise pajamas’) are a kind of cosplay that originates in Japan and is pretty popular as outdoor wear there. Do I mean that when you go to Japan you will see nothing but people running around in their pajamas? No. However, it is hip in the street fashion there and cosplayers like it too. Let’s not forget that hey… it’s comfy!

These aren’t used in cosplay the same way as actual cosplay costumes (which are often crafted by hand by the wearer, or commissioned by the wearer and crafted by hand, to match as perfectly as possible to a specific character) as these are somewhat loose, do not cover the face and are usually bought through a retailer rather than handmade.

In addition, they don’t perfectly match the characters they sometimes mimic… although they can come pretty close sometimes if the character is simple enough. Kigurumi is more for fun and cuteness than being a perfect match. Kigurumi pajamas can be tons of fun to wear at conventions though if you aren’t completely comfortable with donning an “official” cosplay costume, but still want to be a part of the costumed fun.

You can purchase Kigurumi pajamas through many online retailers and zip them into them in no time. They come in a wide variety ranging from cats, frogs, bunnies, and other generic creatures to popular characters such as Pikachu, My Melody, and others. When I was little I had footie pajamas, but they were never this cool! Personally, I can see myself snuggled into a bunny Kigurumi chillin’ around the house… but I am sure they are a lot of fun to go out in as well since they will definitely turn heads.

So what do you think? Ready to hit the town in your PJ’s yet?

Kawaii Dolls

Zombuki dolls aren’t zombies so don’t be afraid. In fact, they are stunningly creative and intricately designed with expert skill.

Ok, here is a little-known fact about me… I am a complete doll nut! I love them and wish I could afford to collect them, but alas I cannot at this time in my life. Not to mention my fiancé would kill me if I took up more space with all my little collectible items lol. When I say “doll nut” I am not talking Barbie’s (although my Aunts collect them and I have never held anything against Barbie), I mean dolls that are a little different from the norm.

In this article I am just going to cover the most recent dolls I have come across that tug on my “I want” strings… they are called Zombuki dolls. I was reading the blog on Shanalogic.com and found a post about these dolls and I instantly fell head over heels in love with them!

They are hand-made by Brigitte Coovert from Pullip, Dal, and Blythe models. She painstakingly paints the faces (and sometimes parts of the bodies) and also designs the clothes, hair, and eyes. The result is simply amazing!

Have a look, I think you will love them as much as I do. Zombuki.com

The downside is that the dolls are pretty steep in price… like a car payment steep. At $600-$800 per doll, I won’t be getting these anytime soon which works out well as she has a waiting list as it is. She does have an Etsy store with related memorabilia such as notebooks and necklaces though for those who like the look of the dolls but can’t handle the price tag on them.

If you haven’t gotten your fill of doll talk today, don’t worry! I have many more dollies to talk about so stay tuned for the next article on dolls.

Kawaii Stuff For School

TOMS is a shoe company with a purpose. For every pair of shoes you purchase, you also put a pair of new shoes onto a child in need.

It isn’t very often that buying a cute new pair of shoes will help anyone other than yourself but now it can! TOMS has a wide variety of colors and now has more than a single style to offer. My favorites are the silver glitters and the vegan wrap boots. Both are super stylish while enabling me to help others.

As it turns out, there is no “Tom”. The founder’s name is actually Blake Mycoskie and he started his company back in 2006. He began by calling it “Shoes for Tomorrow Project”, and later “Tomorrows Shoes” because the company’s focus is on making a better tomorrow for people without shoes. The catch is that “Tomorrow” wouldn’t fit on the tag, so it got shortened to TOMS. Blake got the company going after he took a trip to Argentina and witnessed firsthand that there were so many people’s lives being affected by the lack of shoes on their feet.

Since getting started, Blake has given away over a million pairs of shoes to children in need and has no plans to slow that spirit of giving down anytime soon. These shoes help prevent infection from cuts and scrapes on the feet. In addition, they protect people from parasites such as hookworms that enter through the sole of the barefoot. Shoes can even prevent disfiguring and debilitating diseases caused by walking on certain soil, such as volcanic soil.

The inspiration for the shoes’ style is based on an Argentinean shoe called an Alpargata. Normally that kind of shoe would have a rope sole on them; however, Blake made some improvements with a rubber sole and arch support to make them not only comfortable and supportive but also long-lasting.

Blake, who carries the self-title of “Chief Shoe Giver” at TOMS, has taken his personal mission in life and turned it into a company cause. I think that the rest of us can really take inspiration from him and better our daily lives by helping others. Let’s all get a pair!

The following video was made for “A Day Without Shoes” for 2009. The day is April 8th each year so unfortunately I already missed it this year, but this video was powerful to me and I had to share it. Maybe next year we can all run around barefoot for the cause!

This video shows what happens on the shoe drop to Argentina back in 2006. It’s a touching video that made me smile, so I thought I should share this one too. 

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Kawaii Stuff For Your Room

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Let the magic of cuteness brighten your day!

The time has come to treat yourself and your home. Though we don’t all have the budget for a fabulous kawaii girl influencer-inspired space, that doesn’t mean we can’t make awesome changes with stellar Amazon buys.


I am not a writer (I apologize for the typos in advance ;3), psychiatrist, counselor, or expert gamer. I, like so many, have simply fallen in love with the kawaii style and would like to share my experiences and opinions with other men and women who enjoy a similar aesthetic. All articles, advice, and tips are opinions-based and are drawn from my own experience. I try to approach all concepts and topics in an honest, down-to-earth way in hopes to make them more relatable.

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