So now comes the part where I ramble on about myself so that you can try to figure out who I am. Until April I am 30+ years old, and I have determined that I will never “grow up”.

I will forever enjoy my plushies, cute t-shirts, and adorable stationery arsenal. After all, it’s much more fun to do your math homework with a Hello Kitty mechanical pencil, and place your completed assignments into your Chococat binder. (Yep, that was college for me).

I also enjoyed my little bunny plushie’s company inside my cubicle as I worked for an architectural office for a few years. Having a little fun with life really makes even the most mundane things much more tolerable. (The hard part is finding a way to fit the cute things you love into your professional life as every architect, male & female, wears mainly black!).

I call myself a geek because many of the things I love aren’t mainstream and popular. I couldn’t tell you how to program your VCR let alone how to rebuild a computer so please don’t think I am in that category of geek. I am not a super-brain, but I am intelligent.

I love to read as a hobby and have loved it since I was old enough to read. In high school, I was introduced to the world of Anime, and I still love it. I even thought about learning Japanese because of my love for Anime (and maybe to land a job as a translator), but then thought that could be taking it too far. I have always been creative and have a love for arts and crafts… almost all of them. I love to paint and draw on occasion but lack the proper materials and space to really make a go of it nowadays. I attempted to start my own 3D print jewelry business as it is one of my most enjoyable hobbies, but I did not major in business and thus didn’t get too far with that. Also, I was majoring in architecture and interior design in college.

I am also a geek because for many years I enjoyed both table-top and live-action role-playing games (yeah the kind where you roll dice and/or dress up and act out your characters). I have played almost all of the role-playing games from White Wolf… Vampire: The Masquerade, Changeling, Werewolf, and a couple of others. I also dabbled in some other games such as Marvel Superheroes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and D&D (although I am not a fan of D&D I have to admit… it’s too complicated lol). I no longer take part in those types of games as I lost interest about a decade ago now… but many of my close friends still enjoy them quite a bit.

I enjoy video games, both playing and watching them. Currently, I play many of the match-three and hidden object types of games while I watch my husband play the more in-depth action-adventure games because I enjoy the stories they tell. In addition to those games, my husband and I love playing online together in various MMOs. We played Everquest 2 for a short time, and then switched over to World of Warcraft for about a year, then decided to try out a Korean game called Aion… that one didn’t last too long though, only about 5 months. We did actually go back to that about a year later and found ourselves still unable to get to the end game due to the endless grind and boring quests. It is very exciting to me to be on the verge of having many MMOs with excellent graphics to choose from as they all move into the next generation.

So now you know plenty more about me, my class of geek, and some of the things I love. If you keep tabs on my blog articles you will find out much more about me and also perhaps find some things you love in the process too.


This blog is started in the middle of the global pandemic, my dear readers please stay safe and healthy while pursuing your style kawaii!

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